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                                Serving the spiritual and intellectual needs of Unitarian and Universalist ministers since 1927.

Greenfield Group

Since 1927
A Unitarian Universalist Ministers Study Group

Greenfield Group, a semi-annual gathering of Unitarian Universlaist Ministers, meets to discuss papers and common readings related to a chosen topic.

Do they have a Church School on Sunday? What is lifespan learning?

Most congregations have a Sunday school for children, youth groups for teens,as well as many adult groups, ranging from young adults to the elderly, which promote both intellectual and spiritual growth. We call this lifespan learning. Some of our lifespan learning programs are led by lay people, others by professionals, Ministers of Religious Education or Directors of Religious Education. We often hear from parents, "The kids get me up every Sunday so that they can go to church school!" (Well . . . we also have lots of parents who like attending church services too!)

Parents of children in our Sunday schools vary widely, single women or men, mother and father, two mothers, two fathers - this variety is celebrated. Families show great variety in other ways ranging from racial mixes to differences in faith backgrounds.

Four youth from Calgary made a 500' rainbow flag which was brought to Parliament Hill in Ottawa in support of gay marriage. We support our youth as they help build a strong set of family values based on the dignity and worth of each person.

Here are links to a variety of Sunday schools whose ministers attend Greenfield Group.
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